This Week in Real Estate #005 – Rotary Club of White Rock’s Community Fundraiser

(February 28, 2014 )

Do you know how the Rotary Club of White Rock benefits both local and international projects? Has your business set aside time to give back to the local White Rock community? Do you contribute to Rotary Club community fundraisers? If you aren’t giving back to the community, then you may miss out on connecting with some local consumers.

White Rock, BC is well-known for sandy beaches along the mild waters of the Semiahmoo Bay, and a close network of local businesses that connect with the community. Is your business one of these?

If you’re interested in learning more about being more involved in the White Rock community, then invest 20 minutes to listen to This Week in Real Estate where your host Nick Jaworski interviews Connie Marples and special guest Jaqui Joys, the past President and Director of Books. The topic of this episode is the Rotary Club of White Rock about their community fundraisers.

In 2011-12, Rotary International spent $40,000 to provide safe drinking water, sanitation and facilities, and training to the people of India. This interview informs listeners about how Rotary Club of White Rock uses community fundraisers to give back locally and internationally.

Rotary Club Fundraisers and the White Rock Community

The episode begins by introducing listeners to Jaqui and the Rotary Club of White Rock. Connie is still a relatively new Rotarian, and excited to have Jaqui on the show to discuss the club and its upcoming community fundraisers. Their largest event is coming up during the first full week of March in the in the Semiahmoo Shopping Centre.

Next Jaqui defines the primary purpose behind the Rotary Club organization. These clubs exist around the globe, with an estimated 1.2 million dedicated volunteer “Rotarians”. She continues that fundraising helps the Rotary Clubs accomplish goals that support both community and international projects.

If your business hasn’t supported Rotary Club fundraisers in the past, then you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to connect with White Rock residents.

Community Fundraisers Sponsored by the Rotary Club

Then Jaqui informs listeners about why the Rotary Club selected its current upcoming event over other types of community fundraisers. This has become a regular White Rock tradition, having been the club’s major fundraising event for thirty-two years. She also goes on to answer the following:

- How much in funds does this event raise for the club?
- Where does the club obtain donations for the event?
- How can I help with the upcoming fundraiser?
- What can my business do to support the Rotary Club?
- How can community fundraisers help internationally?

Now take a minute or two to think about your business and how it gives back to the community. Are you involved with the Rotary Club of White Rock? Do you support community fundraisers? Supporting the Rotary Club of White Rock allows you to in turn support the community where your local customers live and work.

Responsibilities of Volunteers During Community Fundraisers

The discussion then turns to volunteers who do the work. Jaqui tells how everyone comes together so that that the fundraiser always goes off without a hitch. She goes on to point out that a large number of volunteers is required to cover the 300 shifts over the period of time during the event.

The Rotary Club fundraiser is the perfect time to try volunteering to see if you’d like to become a Rotarian. Jaqui describes the various ways that volunteers can give back through community fundraisers, and encourages listeners to come out to the upcoming event regardless of how they support it.

Businesses that get involved with community fundraisers develop real connections with consumers and enjoy a bigger bottom line. What’s keeping your business from getting involved?

Jaqui wraps things up with the topic of how technology might someday affect the future of traditional community fundraisers. She goes on to explain where the funds raised during the event go, and clues listeners in on how she first joined the Rotary Club in 2002.

Could the White Rock Community Use Your Assistance?

Are you ready to give a little time to the White Rock community? Are you interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of White Rock? Listen now to the entire podcast, and then please ask your questions and share your comments below.

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META – This interview reviews community fundraisers, like the Rotary Club of White Rock’s annual event, and how they help both locally and internationally.