This Week in Real Estate #008 – Bring On Spring with a Deep Clean and Seasonal Décor

(March 28, 2014 )

Does your house need a good spring cleaning? Are you at a loss for how to add spring décor to your seasonal space? If you aren’t sure how to bring on spring with a deep clean and seasonal décor, then you could be driving the value of your house down instead of up.

Spring is known for its unpredictable weather, especially those April showers. White Rock and South Surrey homeowners who make the most out of the spring season enjoy less clutter and tidier yards and outside spaces. Does this describe the state of your home?

If you’re interested in learning tips for making your home more attractive for selling, then invest 20 minutes now to listen to this edition of This Week in Real Estate where your host Nick Jaworski interviews Connie Marples from Sutton West Coast Realty about how deep cleaning and seasonal décor can help.

The housing market always goes up in the spring. In a recent article in OPP CONNECT*, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver President Sandra Wyant says, “Home buyer demand picked up in February, which is consistent with typical seasonal patterns in our housing market.” This interview is a chance to get your home ready for the spring market.

The Many Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Home

The episode kicks off with a discussion that will appeal to many home owners – spring cleaning. Time has sprung forward, inspiring us to dust out the cobwebs, and there’s no better place to tackle this than by deep cleaning your home.

Next the interview turns to the health benefits of deep cleaning your house. Connie shares why she’s particularly careful regarding this aspect of spring cleaning, and gives advice for doing the job yourself versus hiring a professional.

If your house needs a good spring cleaning, then failing to get the job done could risk more than the market value.

Ringing in Spring with Seasonal Décor

Spring cleaning offers a lot of advantages to home owners, but adding seasonal décor gives even more benefits. During the podcast you’ll hear Connie talk more about this and answer these questions:

- What is the best way for me to start deep cleaning?
- How can I eliminate winter doldrums from my house?
- Which safety precautions should I take while cleaning?
- How can I best clean the outside of my home?
- What seasonal décor can I add to my landscaping?

Now ask yourself these two questions: Is your house in dire need of a deep clean after winter? Could the outside of your home use a boost of spring-themed accessories? If you answered “yes” to either, then it’s time to tackle spring cleaning and seasonal décor chores around your home.

Physiological Effects of Spring Cleaning and Seasonal Décor

Brightening your house through spring cleaning and seasonal décor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In addition to her real estate experience Connie is also a talented interior decorator. Her tips are sure to help listeners in White Rock and South Surrey with all sizes of budgets.

In addition to offering advice for updating your spring décor through quick and easy methods like color choices, Connie goes on to explain some of the physiological effects of spring cleaning and seasonal décor upgrades.

No one enjoys the same décor season after season. Connie’s tips will help listeners make the most of the upcoming season. What’s stopping you from making the most of springtime?

The episode wraps up with Connie giving an overview of what the real estate market looks like in White Rock and South Surrey. She uses last year’s numbers to drive home how the market is really doing, and what buyers and sellers can expect in the coming months.

Are You Ready to Add Spring Décor to Your Home?

Could your home use a thorough cleaning? Do you need advice about how to use color to get ready for springtime? Listen to the entire episode now, and then use the space below to ask your questions or share your own tips about spring cleaning and seasonal décor. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

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