This Week in Real Estate #010  Tips for Maintaining Your Home on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

(May 12, 2014 )

Are you a homeowner the Semiahmoo Peninsula? Do you know everything home maintenance involves? If you havent seriously considered challenges that homeowners face here, then you risk devaluing your home.

Homeowners that consistently take care of home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula have greater selling potential.. Does this describe how you maintain your home?

If you want to know more about home maintenance then invest a few minutes to this edition of This Week in Real Estate where your host Nick Jaworski interviews Lance Marples from Sutton WestCoast Realty about the most critical things Semiahmoo Peninsula homeowners need to know about home maintenance.

Maintenance is vital to home ownership. The Vancouver Sun reports that detached home sales were up twenty percent compared to averages from twelve months ago. This interview is a chance to learn how to maintain your home to preserve its value for future market opportunities.

Know When to Call in a Professional

Lance kicks off the episode by sharing the most important things you need to know about home maintenance. He also explains why some common problems arise.

Sometimes professional help is the best option for maintaining your home. Lance describes why calling in a professional can make a difference when reselling your home.

If you avoid calling professionals for home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, then youre devaluing your home.

Why Home Maintenance Is Important to Buyers

Home buyers are more likely to select ones that have been well maintained by its current owners. During this episode Lance talks about this and answers these questions:

- Why is a good roof important for my home, and to new buyers?
- How does the Semiahmoo Peninsula weather affect home maintenance?
- How do I know when to update the heating system inside my home?

Now consider these questions. Do you know the challenges homeowners face for home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula? Do you keep up with your own home maintenance?

If you answered No to either or both questions then its time to start planning for home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula.

Challenges for Homeowners with Basements

Homeowners who live in areas that see a lot of moisture through the year face distinct challenges. This is especially true if your home has a basement.

During the podcast Lance reveals hints to look for to see if water damage affects your home. Homeowners who call in for help have a higher chance of fixing these problems before they become more serious.

Once you know the signs, then you can fix the problem to maintain a safe home for your family. Professionals can help you with these home maintenance goals. Why arent you calling them?

The episode wraps up with Lance giving some final thoughts about home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula.

Could Your Home Benefit from Home Maintenance?

Are you prepared to take care of home maintenance on the Semiahmoo Peninsula? Do you need help getting started? Listen to the whole episode now and then share your home maintenance questions and experiences below. We cant wait to discuss your feedback.

Lance and Connie Marples are a high energy team with the real estate experience to help their clients achieve their real estate goals, whether theyre buying or selling. Give Lance and Connie a call at (604) 538-8888 with all of your real estate questions and needs.

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