This Week in Real Estate #011 – Downsizing Tips for Semiahmoo Seniors

(May 12, 2014 )

Does your home qualify as an empty nest? Is it too big for you to keep up with on your own? If you’re a senior on the Semiahmoo Peninsula dealing with these challenges, then downsizing could be the solution.

Downsizing can be stressful, but having a service to help coordinate the details can help relieve some of the tension. Does this sound like your plan to move into a smaller dwelling?
If you’re interested in taking the stress out of downsizing, then invest 20 minutes to listen to This Week in Real Estate where host Nick Jaworski interviews guest Patrick Fagan from Act Together Moving about moving services available for seniors in the Greater Vancouver area.
Downsizing can be a smart move financially as well. The Globe and Mail* says that many Canadian retirees are downsizing because of historically low interest rates. This interview is an opportunity for you to learn downsizing tips for seniors on the Semiahmoo Peninsula considering such a move.

How to Prepare for Downsizing

The episode kicks off with a review of how Act Together Moving assists seniors with downsizing. Some of the small details they take care of that often get overlooked might surprise you.
Next Patrick describes where to focus your efforts when downsizing. Many seniors have decades’ worth of treasures accumulated, and it’s natural to feel emotional when separating between sentimental and essential items.

If this sounds like what you’re facing in life, then what you’ll hear in this episode should help.
What to Expect During Downsizing

Some seniors have huge caches of stuff accumulated. It might seem like a miracle is required to downsize. Patrick shares some experiences from his work with White Rock seniors, and also answers the following:

- Where should I focus first when downsizing?
- What are some benefits of using a moving service?
- How long does it take to downsize to a new home?
Now ask yourself two questions. Could these downsizing tips for seniors on the Semiahmoo Peninsula help someone in your family? Do you need help facing challenges of moving into a smaller home? If you answered yes to either, then it could be time to look into services that help seniors with these issues.
Additional Benefits of Preparing to Downsize

The benefits of downsizing aren’t limited to the homeowner. Patrick goes on to share the enjoyable part of helping people move to smaller more liveable sized homes for the movers.
After living in the same house for so long it’s easy to forget how much stuff you have accumulated. You might be surprised at some of the interesting things that Patrick and the other movers have found while helping seniors downsize.

Attics, basements, and any other space where you’ve stored treasure over the years have to be considered. Using a moving service that specializes in helping seniors downsize helps eliminate the stress. Why aren’t you using these services?

The episode wraps up with Patrick sharing some final thoughts about how Act Together Moving looks out for the best interests for their senior clients.

Are You Ready for Downsizing?

Could you use some downsizing tips for seniors on the Semiahmoo Peninsula? Do you need help sorting between the nostalgic and necessary things in your family’s home?

Listen now to the entire episode. Then if you have questions about downsizing or stories about your own experiences, share them below so we can discuss them with you.

Act Together Moving Services gives calm, caring and practical assistance to seniors who are moving into their new home. They facilitate the moving process by coordinating all the logistical details, leaving clients feeling relieved of the stress associated with downsizing.

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