This Week in Real Estate #006 – Closing Costs When Buying or Selling your Home…Who Pays What??

(March 07, 2014)

Do you have questions about which closing costs you’ll have to pay when selling a home? Have you added up how much you’ll need for closing costs beyond the down payment when buying a home? If you haven’t taken time to learn which closing costs are your responsibilities, then you may not be prepared to go to closing.

The amount of closing costs could vary depending on where and what type of property... read more.

This Week in Real Estate #004  Tips for Selling Your Home in White Rock or South Surrey

(February 28, 2014)

Are you ready to sell your home? Do you still have questions about the cost for listing your property? Do you know what to do once someone makes an offer? If you're ready to sell property in White Rock or South Surrey and still have questions about the process, then you could unintentionally overlook important, even legal steps.

When selling your house, first impressions are everything. Potential b... read more.

This Week in Real Estate #005 – Rotary Club of White Rock’s Community Fundraiser

(February 28, 2014)

Do you know how the Rotary Club of White Rock benefits both local and international projects? Has your business set aside time to give back to the local White Rock community? Do you contribute to Rotary Club community fundraisers? If you aren’t giving back to the community, then you may miss out on connecting with some local consumers.

White Rock, BC is well-known for sandy beaches along the mild w... read more.

This Week in Real Estate #003 – Looking to Purchase a Home? Real Estate Tips for First Time Buyers

(February 15, 2014)

Do you know what to consider when deciding on an area to buy your next home? Are you aware of the difference between the different areas of Greater Vancouver? Would you like to know what areas are hottest for first time buyers? If you are looking for a new home and haven’t considered these real estate tips for first time buyers, then you could be missing out on the home of your dreams.

The real est... read more.

This Week in Real Estate #002 – Renovating Your Home? Add Value with These Tips

(February 15, 2014)

Are you planning to put your home on the market? Do you want to increase its value by making some simple upgrades? Could renovating your home help you enjoy it for several years to come? If you haven’t done your homework about the best way to undergo a home renovation project, then you could be throwing money away.

Home renovating could mean one of two things. It could refer to the mechanical side... read more.